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Jinyu offers a wide range of Multi-layer PA/PE,PA/EVOH/PE,PA/PP forming film which have a highly glossy appearance, and superior aroma, flavor and uv protection.
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Multi-layer forming films is one of the range of flexible thermoforming filmsand is distinguished by its excellent formability, which makes it the optimal solution for deep draw applications. made of technologically advanced resins for especially thin forming films. Our flexible film enables thicker corners and less thermal memory. Multi-layer forming film also features enhanced post-thermoforming shrink properties and impact strength. Thermoforming filmhas a highly glossy appearance, and superior aroma, flavor and uv protection. multiform is available with easy peel properties and a wide range of thicknesses suitable for various drawing depths. These forming films ensure optimal performance with Multivac, Tiromat, VC999, Ulma and all other brands and types of automatic thermoforming machines.

features and Benefits;

  • outstanding forming properties
  • enables deep draw with thinner forming films
  • wide range of oxygen transmission rates, including medium and high barrier flexible films
  • optimal shelf-life for a variety of meat packaging, cheese packaging, poultry packaging, case ready packaging and other food packaging
  • excellent contact clarity for these forming films
  • premium product presentation
  • high impact and puncture resistance
  • less leakers when packing rigid and/ or sharp-edged products
  • retains strength at freezing temperatures
  • package integrity preserved.

Jinyu Multi-layer forming films are also major suppliers of Lidding films so can supply completely compatible top and bottom webs in rigid or flexible formats.

We also have many other technical films available so regardless of your application Jinyu Multi-layer forming filmcan advise you which technical solution to choose and how to implement it.

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