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Explosive Strength Film
  • 2019-04-26 15:40:33

Explosive Chubs Strength Film

Jinyu film is used in high impact resistant explosive cartridges for form, fill and seal (FFS) packaging of emulsion or water gel explosives. Jinyu provides low elongation that assists in the filling and production of emulsion explosives at high fill temps without creating a baggy film on the finished chub. It also provides excellent resistance to tear which protects the cartridge from puncture during installation in a bore hole.

Because of Jinyu coextruded films unparalleled strength, puncture, tear and tear propagation resistance in combination with high dimensional stability we are able to stand up to the rigors of government and military applications.

Jinyu films are cross-laminated multi-layer structures offering a thin, flexible film with more balanced strength than any other substrate. This allows you to do more with less.

Jinyu coextruded film offers:

Puncture and burst resistant

The ability to be used in any climate because of Jinyu Strength Films ability to withstand temperatures ranging from -21°C to +100°C.

Barrier against chemical migration

Barrier against water and moisture

High seal strength with polymer seams

High thermal stability: Jinyu films allow high filling temperatures up to 100°C. This provides a wide temperature filling range, making  the ideal material to pack explosive gels and hot filled emulsions.

Weather resistance: Jinyu coextruded film is a high weather resistant material that will protect the packed product from deteriorating. The quality of Jinyu keeps your product from harm during storage and transport.

Waterproof and chemical resistant: Jinyu film is a barrier against water and a wide range of chemicals. The closed structure (non porous, high barrier) of Jinyu creates the ideal material in which your explosives are securely packed.

Minimal elephant footing: Jinyu films outperform other films on site. It drastically reduces chub or cartridge distortions when dropped down the borehole.

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